About Our Buzzer Tip Downs - Deertail Buzzer Tip Downs

About Our Buzzer Tip Downs

Because beer happens.

Imagine this:

You organize an ice fishing weekend with your closest friends. You bring the ice shacks, grills, firewood, cribbage board, and obviously, all the beer.

At first, setting out your limit of poles in tip-downs seems like a good idea. There’s 5 of you, 15 tip downs, and you’re all positive you’ll be running around all day long.

Well, after few hands of cribbage and the first few beers, guess what? No one is watching the tip downs!

That was actually a very short version of a true story, except that we had a group of 10 going strong. With 20+ tip downs on the ice and more shit-talking than Muhammad Ali, we missed way more fish than we caught that day.

And that’s when the idea of a buzzer tip down was born.

Whether you’re distracted by your fishing partner, sitting in a shack with condensation and fog blocking your tiny windows so you can’t see out, or you’re too busy looking at your phone instead of fishing, we got you covered.

Our buzzer is loud enough to be heard from 30′ ft. away, or quite enough to put right in the shack next to you. No matter what’s going on, you can be sure our buzzer tip down will let you know when you’ve got ‘the biggest one yet’ slurping your minnow on the end of your line. Just don’t be that guy that lets them get away.

Get your tip downs now!