How Our Tip Downs Work - Deertail Buzzer Tip Downs

How Our Tip Downs Work

Our Tip Downs Work So You Don't Have To.

Our Deertail Buzzer Tip Downs work just like every other tip down on the market, which make them incredibly easy to use. The only difference, is that ours are better — from the very tip, to the very bottom.

Starting with the extra sensitive spring bobber, it gives you an early warning that someone is down there toying with your bait. Of course, you have to be on your game to notice that, but it comes in extremely handy on the days they’re hitting light.

And then we immediately get to the part that makes our tip downs buzzzzz. First, set your depth like normal and tighten down the spool. Place the rod on the pedestal with the tip facing the same direction as the buzzer. Push the power button, and you’re done! (Of course, it’s always wise to give the tip a little tap and make sure you hear the alarm before you walk away.)

In areas of maximum drinking fishing, turn the volume all the way up for you to make a mad dash to your pole. If you’re using it in your shack, turn it down so you can still talk shit with your fishing buddy.

Finally, at the end of the day, our pedestal separates from the base so you can stack multiple tip downs in the bottom of your 5 gal. bucket.

If it feels like it’s way too easy, that’s because it is!